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As a second-generation American, I share a love for both my country and for all the places abroad that I haven't seen yet or that I want to see again. It doesn't help that I have enough nationalities mixed into my genetics that I have yet to see all the places my ancestors are from.


I love to read and write almost as much as I love all things Italian–the food, the language, the country, the leather, the coffee, the food, and the list goes on. The slight obsession with Italy is evident in my stories. My preferred schedule is that of a night owl, though I'm adaptable when necessary as long as I have caffeine. When I'm not lost in another world or country, Kansas City is home and the Chiefs are my NFL team.


Jesus is an essential part of my life and identity and a big reason why I keep on writing happy endings. Sometimes I write as a way to balance the power between my imagination and the logical part of my brain, the side that tries to remain tethered to reality. 

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